Thursday, December 17, 2009


26 year old Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chris Henry has died. He was involved in some sort of domestic dispute with his fiance (very recently engaged) Loleini late last night where he fell off the back of a truck. Although he was fighting for his life throughout the night, Chris reportedly died around 6:30am EST this morning. He leaves behind 3 children with his fiance.
I'm at a loss for words... so sad and senseless!
Especially with so much available information on domestic violence, this was preventable.
Are we not paying attention or learning anything from Chris Brown and Rihanna, Tiger Woods and Elin and not to mention all those we know personally that have experience with this issue! Is any dispute worth ones life????
Now Henry's fiance' will most probably face charges... the big question being: was she aware her future husband was in the bed of the truck when she pulled off. Meanwhile, his three kids have lost their father, Loleini has lost her man, and Chris's family has lost a son, brother, cousin and nephew.
Condolences... my prayers are with the family.
RIP Chris Henry.

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