Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ok if someone needs my help, I am more than willing to lend a helping hand ... however, help me, help you. Give me the info... the details asap. Don't wait til the last possible moment then expect a miracle. Your urgency due to lack of preparation is not my dilema. Just food for thought....

Monday, October 19, 2009

Its sad that one would lie on a child for publicity! Ahhhh.... Case in point... remember the "balloon boy" we thought was trapped in a make shift ballon contraption... flying hunderds of feet in the air? Well now it looks like the whole thing was a hoax manipulated by the parents to one day develop into a reality show. Is life that empty, uneventful and unfulfilling that some would manufacture a dilema and put your child in the farce for attention and/or financial gain??? Wake up people.... life if a gift and should be celebrated not esploited! Plus reality TV is best when it's "real" not make believe.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

So the American Music Award nomintions are out and those artists we expect to be on the list ... are. Except for Kanye West! While Michael Jackson recieved 5 nods, Beyonce and TI got 3 a piece, Jay Z and Keri Hilson grabbed two and btw... Taylor Swift leads the nominations with 6! But cry-baby Kanye, named MTV's fourth Hottest MC in the Game, didn't get not even one nomination??? Hmmmmm..... simply a coincidence or karma? I mean Lil Wayne didn't get any nominations either.... but in the case of the Louis Vitton Don three cliches' come to mind: what comes around goes around, karma is a beeeotch and God don't like ugly! Better luck on the next award show Mr. West.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Finally caught the latest episode of my fav reality show addiction, The Real Housewives of Atlanta.... could Kim be any more out of control? How does one not only brag and boast about a relationship with a married man on national TV and obviously in real life too... but also then announce an engagement??? And BTW, not only is her boyfriend, "Big Papa", (as she refers to him), still married, he lives with his wife and children! Now Kim is a mother of two girls! What is she teaching them by her example? And besides get funds from Big Papa, what does Kim, who's wish is upon death to be buried wearing Prada, do to earn a living???