Tuesday, January 5, 2010


What in the world is wrong with Shaquille O'Neil??? He's clearly got a case of TigerWoodsitis! Caught and busted for cheating with another NBA ballers fiance', his wife Shaunie filed for divorce.... again.... for the 2nd time in 2 years. But now word is that not only was Shaq cheating with Gilbert Arena's wife-to-be who was his wife's friend (some friend) but he had a 5 year on again-off again affair with a model chick named Vanessa Lopez. Vanessa has enlistd the services of hollywood attorney Gloria Allred, who is also representing a few of Tigers indiscretions, to represent her in getting paid for claims of harrasement and who knows what else against Shaq. Ms. Lopez says in September she told Shaq she might be expecting and he supposedly lost it and harrased her and caused her emotional distress.
Ugggghhhhh...... question: why get married if you're not done "sewing your royal oats"? So much confusuion, pain, disrespect... for what??? Some booty??? What about loyalty, honesty, integrity and respect... not to mention the kids and the family unit? Why would Tiger, Shaq, or any cheaters in general jeapordize everything for nothing.... for those someones that just doesn't matter in the big pcture?
Seems to me like life is hard enough without adding extra drama. Perhaps these men, athletes think that intangible qualities, values and morals just don't matter when they've got enough money to play. At the end of the day, you gotta pay to play. Is it worth it?

Monday, January 4, 2010


Back from vacation... and what a wonderful break it was! It allowed me some time to reflect and look back on the year and the decade. The things I considered are what things I want to do that I didn't get to do, what things I want to do differntly/better and what things I should eliminate and not do at all anymore. That goes for people too... there comes a time when u realize who is really important in your life, who's not important anymore and who never was. The thing is though, that we discover the answers with time and experience.
I'm so grateful for the year... the good and bad, ups and downs, and joys and pains because with it comes priceless gifts of knowledge and growth.
The past provides so many tools to help in the future. So use them!
I plan to use all that and move forward armed with experiences, information and memories from last year to better help me flow in 2010. I hope the same for you! In fact, I wish your best day in 2009 be your worst in 2010... making each day better than the last!

Monday, December 21, 2009


I was shocked to hear that Eminem's girlfriend in "8 Mile", actress Britney Murphy, died Sunday morning. Although word is that she passed from natural causes, police will continue to investigate. For several days she had been talking prescription meds to fight flu-like symptoms and hours before her death she was vomiting and was very ill until she died of cardiac arrest.
You just never know what life has to offer or when it will be your time to go. Who would have ever guessed that Britney Murphy who was also in "Clueless" and "Don't Tell" would go so soon... at 32??? How is that considered "natural"?
Just confirms that you must not take life for granted. Take advantage and appreciate every moment! "Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you've never been hurt and live like it's heaven on Earth."
— Mark Twain

Thursday, December 17, 2009


26 year old Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chris Henry has died. He was involved in some sort of domestic dispute with his fiance (very recently engaged) Loleini late last night where he fell off the back of a truck. Although he was fighting for his life throughout the night, Chris reportedly died around 6:30am EST this morning. He leaves behind 3 children with his fiance.
I'm at a loss for words... so sad and senseless!
Especially with so much available information on domestic violence, this was preventable.
Are we not paying attention or learning anything from Chris Brown and Rihanna, Tiger Woods and Elin and not to mention all those we know personally that have experience with this issue! Is any dispute worth ones life????
Now Henry's fiance' will most probably face charges... the big question being: was she aware her future husband was in the bed of the truck when she pulled off. Meanwhile, his three kids have lost their father, Loleini has lost her man, and Chris's family has lost a son, brother, cousin and nephew.
Condolences... my prayers are with the family.
RIP Chris Henry.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Okay, I need to do better. Gotta admit, I'm embarrased that half of what that 14 year old was saying about stocks and investing was over my head. Kudos to his Mom! That is one smart lady! Although I'm feeling a bit inadequate, I will admit, especially in todays economic condition, that he only makes sense and he's gotten me inspired to learn.... immediately! If he can do it......

Monday, December 14, 2009

Chris Brown spazzed out on Twitter yesterday concerning low album sales for his new "Graffiti" cd. He said he's tired of major stores blackballing his cd, he's not biting his tongue anymore and the indistry can kiss his a**!

Did he forget that the drama with his ex Rihanna is still fresh in everyones mind? And maybe, just maybe, thats the cause of the slow sales...I mean he did punch an extremely popular and beloved pop star about the head several times and we saw the photos of her batterd face to prove it. It's not easy to erase that vision of Rihannas brusied and bleeding face from our memory.

If he hasn't learned yet, eventually he'll realize that everyone has dues to pay... we reap the benefits or suffer the consequences of our actions. EVERYTHING we do now has an effect on tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and beyond. The honor of our actions or lack there of will determine our detriment or success and quality of life!

Friday, December 11, 2009


The ladies of "The View" were talking about the hottest topic in the world, Tiger Woods and giving their views about all the Tiger transgessions and the women he transgressed with. When they talked about the mistress #1, Rachel Uchitel, the VIP club hostess, there was discusssion on how to pronounce her name. Uchitel is pronounced U-ca-tell and co-host Joy Behar said, "you can tell she's a hooker!" LOL ... talk about hilarious! The play on words was classic!

Meanwhile due to all the media backlash etc.... Rachel secured the services of celebrity attorney, get-all your-money Gloria Allred. She's the one that secured the seven figure deal(no less than 1 milli and no more than 3) for Rachel from Tiger for her silence. So anyway Rachel and her lawyer were not at all pleased with the comment and immediately and basically said "take it back or we'll sue!"

To eliminate drama "The View" apologoized. Not that it made a difference in my mind. That's like telling a jury in a court of law... strike that from the record... after the jury's already heard it. Hard to erase it their memory. But anyway..... Rachel might be a nice person. However, the fact that she was knowingly involved with a married man on a continuous basis, puts her actions integrity, morals and values up for public scruitiny. So the ladies of "The View" were simply calling it like they see it. So what they called her hooker... Rachel is a VIP club hostess that slept with a client(s), on more than one occassion and she certainly got kicked down cash for her "services". A hooker gets paid for sexual services. So..... if it quacks like a duck and waddles like a duck..... guess what? It's a duck.